Landmark Team

Since starting in the real estate industry back in 1995, the founder of Landmark Brokerage and the Landmark Elite Team, Yan Kaminsky, has handled over 3,000 real estate and mortgage transactions. That is experience you can count on!

Instead of one person being responsible for the many tasks necessary in a transaction, we have developed a Team to provide high levels of service and results. All our agents and transactions are backed on this foundation of Real Estate experience and successful results.

“I realized that the Denver Metro real estate industry was lacking specialization and departmentalization commonly found in other businesses. I started with one part-time Administrative Assistant and as my business grew, I continued to expand and improve our operations to make sure every minute detail is given the most careful consideration.”
- Team Lead Yan Kaminsky

When you allow Landmark Brokerage to represent your real estate interests, you get an entire Team.